turkey valtra Rıza MERİÇ (kral59) :)

my valtra

hello I from turkey

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Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. I recommend you contact your local Valtra dealer, as they will be able to investigate this. http://www.hattattarim.com.tr

Pam // My Valtra Team

Sorry for english I do not know. Did moderator of the site do you? farming using tractors, but I often give trouble. I guess because it is domestic production. I do not think there will be such a situation the production of finland Valtra tractors. valtra did not get regret for the production of finland.

ingilizce bilmediğim için kusura bakmayın. sitenin moderatörü mü sünüz ? traktörlerimi çiftçilikte kullanıyorum ama sıksık arıza veriyorlar. yerli üretim olduğu için sanırım. finlandiya üretimi valtra traktörlerde böyle bir durum olusacağını sanmıyorum. finlandiya üretimi valtra almadığım için çok pişmanım.

Congratulations on doing very good work. announce that I will enjoy my opinion.

I try to develop useful online services for Valtra customers. Currently working on more features for this site. So if you have any comments, please let us know.

I have been farming with two tractors. Thank you for your interest in what you are doing business?

Welcome to My Valtra! Your are the first to join from Turkey.
What kind of work do you do with your two Valtra tractors?

Pam // My Valtra Team - Suolahti, Finland


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tekirdağ, Turkey

My tractor:

A Series
Year: 2008
More: valtra 900 valtra A75

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