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I have operated a Valtra N101 HiTech since July 2011. This tractor is used to work with a sprayer, a seeder and trailers. It has a mechanical gearbox with 24 gears in forward and reverse. The cab is included a optional air filter and a cab suspension. After 6 months of using this tractor I can tell about the cab that it is comfortable but there is one feature which can improve. It seems to me that control switches of hydraulic system should move towards the front and the back of a tractor. I often use this switches and I’ve had situation that arm was hurting me after day spending in my N101. It was caused by inconvenient switches (in my opinion).

I wanted to buy a tractor with the biggest clearance under rear axle because I grow a lot of oilseed rape which is delicate plant and this kind of tractor cause less damage. I checked different brands of tractors and models and I decided that Valtra has the best machine. Before ordering a tractor I had an idea that I will buy second wheel kit which will be narrow and diameter of this wheels will be greater. I wasn’t sure that new kit will fit so I didn’t buy rear wings. It cause that the appearance of my tractor is a little strange ;)

The front linkage is another optional equipment which is very useful in my farm.

I actually consider buying tractor which will by about 200-240 hp. My friends, who are farmers and have bought Valtra’s machines, are satisfied with their tractors. It seems to me that it is the best reason to chose this brand.

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Thank you very much for your thorough description. Very interesting. I will let the Valtra R&D know about your improvement proposals. I know they are very interested about hearing customer's feedback.

It will be hard to decide the winner of the competetion next week... There are so many great stories!

All the best to you.



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N Series
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