My lovely Valtra.

This is a wonderful tractor with a lot of power. And my new 142 Versu is a beatiful tractor. I am realy looking forward to use it very much, because it is so comfortable to drive. Much bether than a Mercedes Benz !

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Hello Lars,

I am glad to hear that so many of you are as big Valtra fans as myself! I wouldn't change it for anything. Do you have pictures of your Black beauty ;)?

All the best for the year 2012!


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User information

Lars Woie

Arendal, Norway

Farm size:
320 da

More about me:
I am a farmer with milkproduction. I allsow working with my tracktor in the forest. This is the reason that i drive a Valtra.

My tractor:

N Series
Year: 2012
Work hours: 5
Main work: agriculture and forest
Equipment: Ålø 55
More: A new tractor is alvays a good tractor. This is my third Valtra/Valmet. My new black Valtra is a N142 Versu. Lovely tractor !

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