Silver Fox: my Valtra Venture, the beginning of something great!

The Silver Fox

Seven months ago, at the age of nineteen I set out on a Valtra hunt, and brought my very first tractor, a 2008 T191 Advance with 1400 hours on the clock, from the south Island of New Zealand. I may possibly be the world's youngest Valtra owner! A very lucky man.

Tractors are my passion, I have been driving them on our sheep and beef farm in the North Island of New Zealand ever since I can remember and for the past six years for a neighbouring contractor. A few months ago the time came when I wanted my own tractor. From my findings after doing a whole heap of research and experiences driving many makes and models, as well as chatting to their owners and operators it was clear to me that Valtra stood out from the rest. I could not find one person that after having a Valtra experience had anything bad to say about them.

I had heard a great deal of incredible things about the performance of Valtra tractors, along with their first-class build quality, their reliability, fuel efficiency, user-friendliness, attention to detail, unrivaled front suspension system, 'a la carte' custom ordering system...the list goes on...It didn't take long for me to understand why Valtra holds such a prominent status among so many contracting and farming operations worldwide.

I love driving my Valtra because of the smoothness of the front and cab suspensions, the quiteness and roominess of the cab, the manoeuvrability, everything being at your fingertips, the cab layout is superb, it never runs out of power, the air system is so handy for blowing out the cab, pumping up the odd tyre, and for powering air tools, the lighting system is fantastic...the list is can tell so much thought has been put into the tractor...I am forever discovering little details in the design and engineerring of the tractor that continue to amaze perception of how far Valtra is ahead of its counterparts continues to grow.

Some ways how I have tailored my Valtra to suit my needs are by fitting a Stoll F51 self leveling loader with soft ride my self. This was a great experience I learn't a lot from the exercise, and to further enhance my turning circle I slotted the mudguards so that they would be closer to the wheel giving me more clearance and therfore more room to adjust the (stops) turning circle. A further way how my Valtra is tailored to suit my needs is the modification of the control stop switch. It is now spring loaded so that it is always on for extra peace of mind, as the chance for the driver to forget to turn it on each time is eliminated; it also means people who are not informed of the switvh do not know how to start the tractor, which is a good thing. Some other minor customisations I have made include a box for behind the seat to hold all the air tools, and bits and pieces i carry along with me, and brackets to hold monitors for the bailers and loader wagons as these are not fitted with isobus.

Since I brought the tractor second hand I did not have the chance to build it out of the factory to my specifications, however I love it exactly the way it is, it exceeds all my expectations and needs, everything about it is brilliant. The ability of personal customisation of your Valtra tractor shows Valtra's uniqueness and market excellence.

My first and current Valtra who's named the Silver Fox certainly won't be my last; I am already planning my next one a black 163 reverse steer with Valtra loader, yet to be named, I know exactly how I will spec it out of the factory. Im on the path to achieving my dream; of owning a whole fleet of Valtra tractors! One day I plan to visit the factory.

P.S. If I could drive the Silver Fox to visit the factory in Finland from New Zealand I would!

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Who made it onto ACREAGE Autumn 2012 page 15? If you can't get your T191 to the tractor pull at the Fieldays this year, maybe next year, see if you can get some sponsorship from your local dealer?

Who made it onto ACREAGE Autumn 2012 page 15? If you can't get your T191 to the tractor pull at the Fieldays this year, maybe next year, see if you can get some sponsorship from your local dealer?

Will be attending the Fieldays Paul, but to expensive for me to take my tractor, maybe in the future sometime...however would be good to see some Valtra's at the tractor pull..hope some of the Waikato Valtra owners will be there.

Jamie, are you going to enter in the tractor pull at the Fieldays at Mystery Creek in June?

I guess the snig chain in the cab is for pulling other tractors out and the odd spot of "deere" recovery!Should be good for 20000 hrs+.


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